all things drop tuning

badass power chords!

symbiose demonstration

symbiose – song & TAB scan

symbiose tutorial 1 – chorus

symbiose tutorial 2 – bridge

symbiose backing track (drop D)

check point 3: play symbiose!

This is not an easy song to play and I’m really impressed that you got this far!

Assignment: make a video of yourself whilst playing along with the backing track of symbiose.
Send it over and move on to the bonus lesson.

What if you can’t seem to get it right?
Did you practice enough? Did you put the time in it? This track is not easy!
Play it piece by piece, slow down, film yourself and watch it, be critical and try to figure out what went wrong. Practice more and repeat.

If you don’t seem to get any further by practicing more. Record an attempt and send it over. Even if you think it’s really bad, don’t feel ashamed! You’re here to learn and I want to help you improve on the guitar.