06 - muting technique

In this lesson we’re going to focus on left hand muting. Muting is one of the most essential techniques. 
One of the reasons to mute string 6 whilst playing a chord from string 5 is to prevent unwanted noises. 

  • use exercise 2 to practice the muting technique
  • practice with a distorted sound, because the ‘unwanted’ noises will reveal themselves
  • check the quality of the muting technique by playing the strings one by one
  • Do you hear unwanted noises? Figure out where it’s coming from. Is there a string not muted properly? Which string is it…

    Good luck!!

07- string transition

In this lesson we’re going to check the final technique: string transitions whilst playing power chords. 

08 – sliding & jumping

In this lesson we’re going to focus on the chord transitions on the same strings. There are two ways to do this: jumping & sliding. 

You can use the drum beat to practice the exercise. 

Checkpoint! Send me a new recording of checkpoint 2 🙂