04 – fretted power chords

‘Fretted’ power chords are basically power chords without an open string. If we want to move the power chord higher up neck, we need to change the chord shape. 

With the ‘fretted’ power chord shape you are able to play a power chord from every fret (1-22), starting at string 6 or 5. This makes it possible to play chord progressions.

05 – play them everywhere!

Two exercises to practice the fretted power chords. You can use the drum beat (mp3) to practice the exercises. 

check point 2: fretted power chords

Assignment: record the fretted power chords exercises

Make a video of yourself whilst playing:
– exercise 1
– exercise 2

Send it over and move on to the next lesson (unlisted link on youtube would be cool?)