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  • introduction Marcela
  • introduction Merel
  • introduction luma
  • showcase various courses luma
  • step by step and in depth courses
  • learn how it should sound and how to accomplish that 
  • get positive feedback on your progress
  • for only the price of one music lesson you get full access to all the level up music academy courses
  • check the course page for more information regarding the available courses and levels

Get the most out of your music lessons

Learn from Professionals

in depth step by step video courses 

Get Postive Feedback

get positive and valuable layered feedback to monitor and improve your progress

Master Classes

Get answers on your questions in the masterclasses. 

Learn how to Practice

learn how to practice efficient and get the most out of your time


learn correct and healthy techniques for long lasting fun


Beginner friendly lessons

Performance Tracks

learn to play along with the backing track


Including TAB notation (guitar)



Not only do we have extensive experience in teaching, but we are also active performing musicians. Why is that important? Because we know all the ins and outs of executing your craft also in the real world. 

Besides, offering music courses and master classes that you can can follow in your own time and pace. You also have the ability to submit your recordings for feedback to make your learning experience more personalised to your needs. This way we can support you in every step of your music learning journey. 

Choose your instrument and coach


How much are private music lessons costing you? How many lessons do you actually have monthly? How much valuable feedback do you actually get? How knowledgable and involved is your current music teacher? 

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