Why the Metal Guitar Beginners courses?

First of all metal is a very extreme genre and requires good technique and efficient practice. I’ve been teaching for years and noticed a lot of similar mistakes and struggles between the individuals. Especially those new students who were more advanced and got stuck in their progress that came to me for lessons. They needed a lot of reshaping and relearning in order the help them progress. I believe that if you know how to practice efficiently and nail the techniques you can implement that in everything you’re going to play in the future.

These courses came forth of a passion for guitar, metal, helping others, but also frustration. Frustration because there are so few good tutorials available online. You don’t learn anything from ‘play fret 7 and then play fret 5’, but knowing how to play them is what’s important. These courses are designed so that you learn the correct techniques from the beginning on. Building a strong foundation to get you started the right way. 

Also for those who can already play a great deal these courses are interesting, because they’re full of tips & tricks and that will reshape your foundation.